End Of Vacation Rentals On Tybee Forever

Dated: February 7 2024

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Have you read the new Proposed Ordinance to END all STVR in Residential Zones forever through Attrition? What does this mean? NO GRANDFATHERING❗️ This was another thing snuck onto the Agenda at the last minute - but no one is talking about it. The meeting is Thursday 2/8/24 at 630PM. You should be there! How soon could this be "reality" on Tybee? In approximately 30 days...


👉 Sale of a Property Terminates Rights to Rent

👉 Restructuring of LLC results in Immediate Termination of Certificate - any change of percentage of ownership will trigger a termination

👉 Retitling the Property to a Spouse, Family Member or anyone upon Death will result in Immediate Termination of Certificate

👉 Placing Property into a Trust will Terminate rights to Rent

🤔 Once ALL Residential Homes have lost rights, where do people stay on Tybee for Vacation? Condos ONLY, Property zoned Commercially (very limited) & Hotels.

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What You Can Do:

1️⃣ Contact ALL of the members of Council and the Mayor!

2️⃣ Show up to the meeting this Thursday 2/8/24 at 630PM and Speak before Council

3️⃣ Donate to the Tybee Alliance

I have received many calls, texts, and emails about the moratorium since it all began, and I hope I can continue to bring clarity to such an overwhelming process. The moratorium has ENDED an only those with licenses in place can currently continue to rent unless they are owner occupied. As a Tybee resident, property owner and Realtor of 18+ years involved in property management, individual property rights are always a priority.

Whether you care about private property rights, love Tybee Island, buy or sell real estate, own property on Tybee, or are considering it- this issue affects YOU! Please speak up and let the City Council hear from you.

Mayor, City Manager, and Council members' emails & phone numbers:

Brian West, Mayor  | 912-658-1234

Tony Ploughe |  912-710-0035

Nick Sears | 912-373-6648

Spec Hosti | 912-786-4573

Bill Garbett | 912-4337343

Kathryn Williams | 912-521-5266

Monty Parks | 912-704-5152

Michelle Owens, City Manager | (912) 786-4573

Janet Leviner, City Clerk  | 912-472-5080

Bubba Hughes, City Attorney |  912-233-9700

Copy & Paste for Emails:

michelle.owens@cityoftybee.gov, tploughe@cityoftybee.gov, nsears@cityoftybee.gov, spec.hosti@cityoftybee.org, bill.garbett@cityoftybee.gov, kwilliams@cityoftybee.gov, mparks@cityoftybee.org, brian.west@cityoftybee.org, jleviner@cityoftybee.org, bhughes@ellispainter.com

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